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Talor Trenchard, M.S., L.P.A.

Psychology Doctoral - Resident

Nicole Stevenson, M.S.

Psychology L.P.A. - Intern

We provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults suffering from a wide range of neurological, psychiatric, and general medical diagnoses. The purpose of a neuropsychological evaluation is to assess the overall functioning of the brain as it is related to the negative effects of central nervous system disease. Whereas a brain MRI takes a picture of the brain, neuropsychological tests measure the actual functioning of the brain. The various domains assessed in most neuropsychological evaluations include:

  • Intelligence
  • Attention & Information Processing
  • Expressive & Receptive Language
  • Academic Skills - reading, math, spelling, etc.
  • Learning & Memory
  • Spatial Processing
  • Executive Functioning - i.e., planning, prioritizing, inhibitions, judgment
  • Sensorimotor Functioning
  • Emotional, Behavioral, and Personality Functioning 


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Psychological testing and evaluations are also offered. The primary difference between a psychological exam and a neuropsychological evaluation is breadth and scope of testing. Specifically, testing for mental health conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc.) may or may not require lengthy tests of brain functioning. In general, a psychological exam will include:

  • Diagnostic Clinical Interview / Mental Status Exam
  • Intellectual Screening Tests
  • Academic Screening Tests
  • Emotional Functioning Questionnaires
  • Personality Tests

Other services include: 

  • Counseling / Psychotherapy
  • ADHD Coaching - Counseling
  • Social Security Disability Evaluations
  • Worker's Compensation Exams (IME's)
  • Law Enforcement Psychological Exams
  • Bariatic Surgery Pre-Surgical Psychological Exams
  • Forensic Consultation & Expert Testimony
  • Independent Evaluations for School Districts (IEP's)​
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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning Disorders (dyslexia, etc.)

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury

Dementia & Mild Cognitive Impairment

Parkinson's Disease / Movement Disorders

Stroke & Anoxic Brain Injuries

Depression / Anxiety / Bipolar / OCD / PTSD

ADD / ADHD testing and evaluations are one of the more common reasons for referral to our clinics. ADHD is often misdiagnosed / over-diagnosed in children/adolescents and is often under-diagnosed in adults. A diagnosis of ADHD requires ruling-out many different disorders, medical conditions, neurological / neurodevelopmental conditions that is difficult to do with just a teacher/parent questionnaire. In addition, it is very common for ADHD to be present (and perhaps directly causing at times) other difficulties such as anxiety, depression, mood regulation challenges, learning/memory problems, and learning disorders. Although ADHD medication can sometimes help, a correct diagnosis via a thorough evaluation will ensure that the treatment plan is most effective. In general, our ADHD evaluations include:

  • Diagnostic Interview / Neurobehavioral Status Exam / Record Review
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Academic Screening Tests
  • Attention / Executive Functioning Neuropsychological Tests
  • Emotional/Behavioral/Personality Functioning Assessments
  • Parent/Teacher Questionnaires or Spouse/Partner Questionnaires

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